Sites Using <paper-toast>

A collection of Polymer web apps and websites using <paper-toast>.

  • Feb 19


    Tabbie is a Chrome extension that keeps you informed, inspired, and up to date across a variety of communities. It replaces the New Tab page with your favorite websites. The developer Jari Zwarts made Tabbie for a fully customizable experience and to showcase Polymer + Material Design on the desktop. With beautiful design and smooth animation, Tabbie follows Google's design principles to the bone. Sites like Hacker News, GitHub, Dribbble, Designer News, and Behance are currently supported with more to come soon.

  • Dec 12

    Polymer Mail

    Polymer Mail is an example app built by Eric Bidelman showcasing material design used in the new Gmail app for Android. It takes advantage of google-signin and google-client-api to populate your inbox. View the source code.

  • Home Assistant

    Home Automation platform that uses Polymer to provide a responsive front-end for phones, tablets and the web. View the source code.

  • Oct 17


    GlideRoom gives you simple, easy video chat. Just share a unique URL with anyone you want. No logins, no hassle, no hangups.

  • Sep 22


    Find local food trucks in your area by day of the week. Takes advantage of <google-maps> for displaying food truck locations and paper elements for material design. Only available in Nuremberg, Germany at the moment.