Sites Using <core-scaffold>

A collection of Polymer web apps and websites using <core-scaffold>.

  • Kitteh Anonymous Chat powered by PubNub

    Kitteh Anonymous is an anonymous chat room in Material Design, build by Tomomi Imura. The app was created as a demo for a step-by-step tutorial to show how to create a simple chat app using PubNub data stream for Polymer, and Paper Elements to achieve beautiful Material Design user-experiences.

  • Nov 6


    A blog that uses Google Docs publish functionality to publish articles. Write an article with Google Docs and publish it, nothing else. The site itself is stored and hosted on Google Drive.

  • Sep 24


    <app-router> is a router for web components that works with Polymer, X-Tag, and natively with the platform polyfill. The documentation site uses Polymer's core elements and <app-router> itself to lazy-load content.