Sites Using <core-item>

A collection of Polymer web apps and websites using <core-item>.

  • Kitteh Anonymous Chat powered by PubNub

    Kitteh Anonymous is an anonymous chat room in Material Design, build by Tomomi Imura. The app was created as a demo for a step-by-step tutorial to show how to create a simple chat app using PubNub data stream for Polymer, and Paper Elements to achieve beautiful Material Design user-experiences.

  • Home Assistant

    Home Automation platform that uses Polymer to provide a responsive front-end for phones, tablets and the web. View the source code.

  • Oct 28


    PackHunter is a Product Hunt Hackathon app that allows you to form packs with other Product Hunters similar to Twitter Lists. Discover new products based on the activity of your packs.

  • Oct 17


    GlideRoom gives you simple, easy video chat. Just share a unique URL with anyone you want. No logins, no hassle, no hangups.

  • Sep 24


    <app-router> is a router for web components that works with Polymer, X-Tag, and natively with the platform polyfill. The documentation site uses Polymer's core elements and <app-router> itself to lazy-load content.

  • Polymer Designer

    Polymer Designer is a visual development tool for rapidly building Polymer apps and websites via drag and drop.

  • Polymer Project

    The official website of Polymer, a next generation web framework from Google. Makes extensive use of both core and paper elements.